Turbo Trans Am Oil Filter Comparison

Submitted by John Pearcy

Due to all the differences in opinion about the best oil filter to use on the Turbo Trans Am, I got some of these filters and opened them up and found the following information so everyone can be sure of the facts.

The filter of choice for the Turbo Regals is the AC PF-52 for its extra capacity, so being that most owners consider this a good filter to run on these cars (as do I) and that the TTA engine is (basically) the same, the following filters will be compared to this one. I was unable to find the micron rating of all elements, however they all appeared to be the same.

AC PF-52

NAPA 1086

AC PF-1218


I contend the best filter to use for the TTA is the NAPA 1086 due to its construction, filtration area, and clearances to the frame. Filtration is only 19.5 sq.in. less than the larger PF-1218, but it's also 69.5 sq. in. larger than the PF-52. The 1086 is a better filter in many ways than the PF-1218, so why is even more filtering media needed? However if TTA owners really feel the need to go ballistic with oil filtration, the longer version of the 1086 is available with NAPA PN 1186, but like the the PF-1218 and the HP4, safe clearances to the frame will be sacrificed. I don't see the need for a longer filter on the TTA especially when you consider how much better this filter is than the long PF-52 or the short PF-47 filter is for the TRs.